domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

I have always considered education a right for all and not a privilege for a few. The more people in the world get educated, the better world we will have. To me, only education makes us more responsible for our decisions and better decision makers.

Open courseware allows many people now from all over the world to learn about many different subjects and improve their lives through better performance and more empowering visions.

Open courseware, and open education resources in general, let anyone anywhere learn about anything at anytime and at a minimum cost. Isn't it an absolutely disruptive innovation? Behind will be the days when learning only happened inside a given classroom at a certain moment with a specific teacher, on a predetermined content. This type of learning will still be important, but it will not be the ONLY way to learn. I see open education opportunities as the gateway to a more mindful and purposeful learning engagement; the ignitor for deep learning and a valuable complement for all learning activities.

Welcome OER! We are eager to be part of and contribute to the educated world movement you are propeling!

Trigger for the above lines: OER University

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